We can’t tell you how many days we have spent on the ice, PRAYING in -20 weather it would warm up. And there is nothing worse in freezing weather than looking over at your fishing partner to see icicles hanging from his beard, and who KNOWS what from his upper lip. It was with this premise that we designed the “Icebound” Soft Shell Jacket. If we have to look over at our half frozen, hairy friends we HAD to make them better looking. We are now working on not missing hook sets because we are staring at our ice fishing partners … because hairy, frozen snot icicle beards have never been sexier.  Now in stock, only $150.00 CAD, call us for size availability!




The weather report is in. A cold front on the horizon, and we all know what that means … To usher in the season we bring to you, Frozen Tundra. This jacket was created to pay homage to the wind, the ice and most importantly YOU, the one who is prepared to stand up against it all for the love of the sport! $150.00 CAD Call us for size availability.


Walleye. Pickeral. Razorbacks. Marble Eyes. It doesn’t matter HOW you say it, the result is always the same – a fish that we spend a lot of time pursuing! So it was high time we paid homage to this fine specimen with a jersey that does it justice! Made out of superior quick dry material, Only   $79.95 CAD. Call for size availability.



Trucker hats since the dawn of time have been awesome. They let your dome breath PLUS you look like you always know what your doing. So why fight the temptation. These sweet truckers are patched, not screened and will up your knowledge of motors and trucks by 10%

Price: $19.99





2010 Quantum pulse for sale, magnetic bail system, packing 5 stainless steel bearings. This is one absolutely smooth reel, completely serviced!   Retail was $69.95, asking $39.95




mitchell300_10 (2)This classic beauty is completely refurbished and serviced, totally  functional, and just as wonderful as it was when Grandpa taught you to fish with it back in the 70’s. Asking only a mere $79.95 for this piece of historic memorabilia.